Qara Hülegü

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Qara Hülegü (died 1252) was head of the ulus of the Chagatai Khanate (1242 - 1246, 1252). He was the son of Mö'etüken (killed during the 1221 siege of Bamiyan), and a grandson of Chagatai Khan.

Qara Hülegü was nominated by Chagatai Khan, as well as Ögedei Khan, to become khan. Since he was still young, Ebuskun acted as regent for him. In order to ensure his power, however, the Grand Khan Güyük Khan deposed him in 1246 and replaced him with one of Qara Hülegü's uncles, Yesü Möngke. However, following the ascension of Güyük's successor, Möngke Khan, Qara Hülegü gained the Great Khan's favor by supporting him in his purges of the family of Ögedei Khan. He was restored to his position of Chagatai Khan, but died before returning to his realm. Mongke permitted his wife Orghana Khatun to serve as regent. Qara Hülegü was later succeeded by his son Mubarak Shah.

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