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China features a vivid kaleidoscope of abundant natural sceneries, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, all-embracing cultures as well as over 5,000 year history and 56 colorful ethnic groups. 2. Trek the Great Wall : China's most famous landmark, the Great Wall, winds like a dragon across the landscape. Xian itself is China's oldest city, once an important hub on the Silk Road. Multi-countries packages: Combine China's major cities with Japan or Thailand. All other local tour guides were very friendly and knowledgeable within their respective locations.

The all-inclusive land tours are led by proffesional English-speaking guides who are knowledgeable about the region. We have also built an extensive network of trusted, local guides who will guarantee that each of our travellers have the experience of a lifetime while they explore China. Quick getaways: Travel china tour deals for as few as nine or 12 days to make the most of your budget.

If you'd prefer to take your time, give yourself three weeks, and if you wish to get off the beaten path or travel the Silk Road, schedule four weeks or more to dig deep into Chinese culture. February 2019: Tours run Monday to Friday, 8am to 10am. We have recently returned from an 11 day China DiscoveryTour. Specific history tours available for those who are passionate about learning about the past including former dynasties, towering emperors, ancient customs and of course, the Great Wall of China.

Following your tour of this lively district, enjoy dinner at a local restaurant. We definitely recommend this smarTours trip and look forward to taking others in the future. Short vacations: Book a six to nine-day trip to save money, and choose between visiting one region or a group of three cities. The hotels were of excellent quality and we had the options of various tours on a daily basis.

Super Value Tours is traveling to the Yangtze River & Three Gorges. has carefully selected the must see destinations in China and designed a collection of special packages to suit the needs and preferences of all travelers. Travel to the most classic destinations in China and experience the spectrum of culture, religion, and giant pandas unparalleled anywhere in the world.