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Ulaghchi (Ulaqchi or Ulavchii) Khan (Şablon:Lang-mn, Şablon:Lang-tt) (died 1257) was the third khan of the Blue Horde and Golden Horde, ruling for less than a year in 1257. It is not clear whether Ulaghchi was the son or the younger brother of Sartaq Khan. Möngke Khan granted him the title of Khan of the Jochid Ulus (Golden Horde) as soon as Sartaq died. Ulaghchi came to power at the age of 10 under the regency of Borakchin, the khatun of Batu Khan, and Sartaq's uncle, Berke. However, he died in office. H. H. Howorth noted that he abdicated in favor of his uncle Berke, because the young man sent a person named Ulaghchi to Russia as his Lieutenant after he was enthroned.<ref>H. H. Howorth The history of the Mongols, p.II, D.II, p.93</ref>

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